Who Is Triple A Fire Safety & Services?

Triple A Fire Safety & Services has developed state of the art systems called the Triple A Fire Safety & Services System.  This system is developed to enable accurate and timeous servicing of equipment  to prevent insurance laps of any losses due to fire.

Triple A Fire Safety & Services has identified processed to safeguard only to mention some of the following role players from huge financial losses due to fire.

  • Retailers

  • Insurers

  • Property Owners

  • Manufacturers

  • Financial Institutions

  • Body Corporates

  • ASIB Rules & Regulations

 The Triple A Fire Safety & Services aim to contribute to fire safety and educate people out there with the knowledge and equipment to handle any fire situation by ensuring that we deliver the best.

  • Qualified Technicians

  • SABS Accredited

  • SAQCC And FETA Registered

  • ISO Standards

  • Area Evaluations To Save Costs

  • Dedicated Sales Team

  • High Standards In Accordance To SABS

  • One-on-one Assessments

  • Training And Instructions

  • Mining, Farming Community

Triple A Fire Safety & Services System will automatically inform clients a month in advance of their annual fire service and inspection of all their fire equipment.  We take the concern out of our clients hands by ensuring that Triple A Fire Safety & Services will be on site at the right time.

While Triple A Fire Safety & Services informs both the client and our sales consultants, the sales consultants will be able to make the necessary arrangements to meet with the client on site and to discuss any problems or future aims.

With the Triple A Fire Safety & Services being so advanced to always ensures that our clients are covered by their insurance policy.


“Eliminating fire risks creates security for our clients”

Mission Statement

Triple A Fire Safety & Services strives to promote and ensure the satisfaction of all clients fire protection needs by means of thorough inspections and identifying the process of safeguarding our client.

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We are proud to announce that we are also ASIB, SABS and SAQCC approved.